1. Reasons When Assured Shorthold Tenancy Might Be Terminated

    The assured shorthold tenancy contract is one of the most common forms of rental agreement today, it’s popular given it provides benefits for property managers and renters.All through England and Wales it is the standard type of contract signed by landlords and renters and it offers people with a legitimate entitlement to reside in the property for a fixed length of time (generally six months), unless conditions in the agreement are broken by the renting person or the property manager has another legitimately justification to evict them.

    Measures A Property owner May Take

    In comparison with various other tenancy agreements it is relatively easy for a landlord to evict a tenant with an assured shorthold tenancy contract.On the other hand, a property owner still will need to have valid reasons for an eviction and is unable to simply evict without legitimate justification.

    One particular prerequisite to terminate such an contract is to serve what is called Section 21 Notice (Get a Section 21 notice from OnLet) - this can be achieved whenever the owner wishes to terminate the agreement.As long as it is given correctly, the tenant would not have any grounds on which to contest the actual eviction.


    Comparable much like some other rental contracts, the landlord must notify the renting person 2 months beforehand with regard to the procedure.The tenant must have been in the legal contract for more than half a year.
    A Section 21 notice can be made when the initial six months concluded which normally will mean that the renter will now be in a rolling monthly agreement.
    Seeing as this is a 100 % legal document, it must be made correctly on paper and plainly declare its intention and purpose.
    Deadlines must be adhered to adequately.

    In regards to the deadline set in this notice, additional court action may then be utilized if for example the renter has not left the property at the mentioned time.

    Not Always Can The Section 21 Notice Be Served

    It can happen there isn’t a 100 % legal cause for a Section 21 notice, for example in the event the property manager neglected to adhere to his obligations.One main reason why an eviction in line with Section 21 may not be achievable is if the owner would’ve neglected to put in the security deposit adequately as required by regulations.

    What Other Factors Exist For A Lease Contract Termination?

    Rent must always be paid by the due date and cannot be delayed to avoid a likely eviction.The landlord will have the legal right to start eviction procedures when the renting person does not pay for 60 days.
    The other reason for end of contract is when a loan company or lender foreclosed the premises, this may also require the renter to vacant the building.